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Smile Makeovers

Tom's before Tom's after
Tom smiling

Tom B. traveled from California to Tulsa to have his smile makeover completed. No one can tell the story of Tom's treatment better than Tom:

"I sell dental components to dentist's and dental laboratories in the United States and around the world. I know hundreds, if not thousands, of the top dentists. After careful consultation, I chose Dr. Rigdon to give me the smile that every dentist I met offered to provide. I couldn't be happier. Now, everyone compliments me on my beautiful smile."

Tom had crooked teeth and dark teeth. He chose not to have orthodontics. With porcelain veneers and crowns we completed "INSTANT ORTHODONTICS" in two visits. Thank you Tom for choosing our office over the hundreds of offices you work with every day.

Glady's before Glady's after
Glady smiling

Gladys B. was 83 years young at the time of treatment. She stated, "I want a beautiful smile and I'm at a point where I deserve it and I'm going to get it done."

Gladys' smile was made to look like a 30 year old's smile with a combination of porcelain crown, veneers, and implants. What can we say? She was thrilled.

Leona's before Leona's after
Leona smiling

Leona was 77 years old with extremely crooked and dark teeth. The patient desired straight teeth and a more youthful smile.

With a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns her goal was achieved. Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone, no matter what your age is.

Joe's before Joe's after
Joe smiling

"As a corporate executive I was always keenly aware of the gaps between my front teeth and the fact that my teeth looked very small. 1 felt as if I needed a more appropriate smile."

Joe was treated with porcelain veneers to close the gaps between his teeth and make the size of his teeth to be proportional to his facial size and shape.

Wanda's before Wanda's after
Wanda smiling

Wanda visited our office with the chief complaint that her teeth looked old and worn. In addition, she had old discolored filings. She desired a more youthful smile but didn't want anyone to notice.

Wanda was treated with porcelain veneers. We first placed her in temporary veneers to simulate her final result. She went to her family dentist and he thought they were final veneers. However, the final veneers were even much better.... Don't you agree?

Robin's before Robin's after
Robin smiling

Robin had neglected her teeth for a long time. She had an upper partial denture that she hated. She did not like the feel of it or the fact the silver hooks were visible. Robin received dental implant therapy and implant crowns and prostheses. The result is remarkable.

Rosemary's before Rosemary's after
Rosemary smiling

Rosemary is a school administrator. She had severely worn teeth that had darkened over time. She desired teeth that were normal length and whiter to enhance her smile. Rosemary was treated with porcelain veneers to brighten her smile and to restore tooth structure lost over time. She loves her new teeth and smile.

Steve's before Steve's after
Steve smiling

"I am a dentist and I have studied cosmetic dentistry extensively. I had teeth that were disproportionate in size and two old crowns from a teenage accident. I wanted the ideal smile, not only for myself, but to show my patients. I know numerous dentists, many of which are considered the experts of Cosmetic Dentistry. I chose Dr. Rigdon because I knew without a doubt that he would give me the best results of all."

Dr. Durr was treated with porcelain veneers and crowns. It is an honor to treat fellow dentists.

Mike's before Mike's after
Mike smiling

Suetta before Suetta after
Suetta smiling

Buddy's before Buddy's after
Buddy smiling

David's before David's after
David smiling

Gail's before Gail's after
Gail smiling