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Terry Rigdon, DDS Blog

Dentist in Tulsa Helps to Relieve Dry Mouth

May 19, 2017

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Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a problem that occurs when the saliva gland does not produce enough saliva to keep the mouth moist. It is estimated, 20% of people 18 to 30 years of age and 40% of adults over the age of 50 suffer from this problem. Although the issue can seem like nothing more than an annoyance, it can place your oral health at risk if it is not treated. Saliva is needed to cleanse the mouth from bacteria. When the mouth is not moist, it allows bacteria to accumulate, leading to an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. As your dentist in Tulsa, Dr. Terry Rigdon understands the daily challenges you face. He offers the treatments and interventions you need to rebalance saliva levels.

Welcome to Our Blog: Meet Your Prestigious Dentist in Tulsa

May 1, 2017

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As Tulsa’s premier implant and cosmetic dentist, Implant Esthetic & Restorative welcomes you to our new blog. As your center for dental excellence, Dr. Terry Rigdon and his caring staff provide complete services to help you achieve and maintain a confident, healthy smile. Dr. Rigdon is highly renowned nationwide for his superior skills in dentistry. As your dentist in Tulsa, you benefit from exceptional general and cosmetic dentistry, as well as many areas of specialty when choosing Dr. Rigdon for your dental needs. Through our new blog, we look forward to providing you with additional information to help you achieve your oral health goals.